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Monday, January 24, 2011

We are off to a soaring start for wedding season 2011 with Envelopments!

Just a few of the many exciting announcements to come:
  • Due to their overwhelming success in the holiday season, Twist Cards are now a permanent part of the Envelopments collection. They are now available in all of the Card Stock colors in 5x5, 5x7L, and 5x7P.

  •  We have spoken with many of you over the past few years looking for yellow in the Envelopments line. Well, you spoke and they listened and added two yellows to the line.

    “Soleil” is a bright yellow that goes great with the patterned stocks and like its namesake (the sun) Soleil is filled with light and warmth, it conjures up images of sunflowers, beach balls, tropical locations and summer celebrations.
    “Limoncello” looks just like the Italian liqueur it is named for, it calls to mind wild spring flowers, daffodils, margaritas and coordinates very nicely in the palette with Napa, Wicked and Mystic to name a few.

  • There are now over 20 NEW "recipes" on our Envelopments website to help spark the design process for your special event!

  • Become a fan of us on Facebook and recieve 11% off your entire order during the month of January!  (comment on this blog post so we know that you're a fan!)
We have a lot more great services, support, and developments coming this year! Stay tuned! 

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